December 11,



Dynamic Effort (DE) Upper

A) Bench Press, 40-45% + chains, 12×3
(4×3 close, 4×3 regular, 4×3 wide)

B) Bench Press, take 2-4 sets to quickly work up to 8RM

C1) Standing Dumbbell Press, 3×10
C2) Bent over Dumbbell Row, 3×10/ea side

D) WOD or Strength

For Time
7 Rounds
5 Strict Handstand Push-Ups
10 C2B Pull-Ups
150m Run

Cap: 12 min
Scale HSPU: kip -> box -> pike
Scale C2B: chin over -> band

A1) Snatch Grip BTN Press, 3×12
A2) Barbell Row, 3×12
B1) BB Pullover + Close Grip Bench, 3×15-20
B2) Pull Apart, 3×30

100 Straight Arm Lat Pulldowns

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