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A) Bench Press, wide grip, 80/40# chains
3×3 at 45%, 3×3 at 50%, 3×3 at 55%

B1) Press (clean from floor), 3×10 (3 count eccentric)
B2) Pull-Up, 3×10
B3) Band Pull Apart (on back), 3×50

C) WOD or Strength

For Time
3 Rounds
15 Turkish Sit-Ups, R
30 Sec Overhead Hold, R
15 Turkish Sit-Ups, L
30 Sec Overhead Hold, L
15 DB Hang Power Clean and Jerk

A1) Pendlay Row, 3×12
A2) Dip, 3×12
B1) Lat Pulldown, 3×50
B2) Tricep Pushdown

using an empty barbell

10 Upright Row
10 Bent Over Row
10 Muscle Cleans
10 Bradford Press
Perform 3-5 Rounds

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