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Max Effort (ME) Upper Body

A) Board Press, 1RM
then drop to 75% and perform max reps BENCH PRESS

B1) Chest Supported Row, 3×10
B2) Push Press, 8RM

C) WOD or Strength

For Time
3 Rounds
20 Alternating DB Power Snatch
15 Burpees

then, 250m Single Arm Overhead Carry
On the carry: Switch arms as often as you like, but DO NOT put the DB down. Time includes the 3 Rounds + carry.

A1) Kettlebell Row (hand and knee on bench), 3×8-10
A2) Plate Front Raise, 3×15
B1) Band Pull Apart, 3×50
B2) Band Tricep Pushdown, 3×50
B3) Band Bicep Curls, 3×30 (band attached on pull-up bar, curl towards face)

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