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Max Effort (ME) Upper Body

A) Incline Close Grip Bench Press, 3RM
then drop to 85% x Max Reps

B1) Standing DB Press, 4×8
B2) Barbell Row, close grip, 4×8

C) WOD or Strength

Death by Shoulder-2-Overhead
1 Rep on the first minute
2 Reps on the second minute
Etc. until failure
When you fail, take a round off and then perform as many strict pull-ups as possible in 2 minutes.

Use 80% of Push Jerk. Bar begins on the floor.
Record last completed round AND number of pull-ups.

A1) Flat DB Bench, 3×10
A2) Strict Pull-Up, 3×10
B1) DB Pullover + Press, 3×15
B2) DB Lateral Raises, 3×15

3 x150m Overhead Walk

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