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Athlete Spotlight: August 2016

Margie Byron

Athlete of the Month for August

How I Found CrossFit

I heard from a friend about this new gym opening up around the corner from Sonshine Gymnastics, where my daughter was on the recreational team.  I never heard of CrossFit, but decided to give it a try, since it would be convenient to get to a workout class while my daughter was in practice.  It is now 4+ years later, and I’m hooked.

Why I CrossFit

I enjoy working out with other people a lot more than working out by myself. I love that Zeal is a big group of friends who encourage and support each other. It’s such a great community. We sweat together and then help pick each other up afterwards.

Favorite Exercise

Running 🙂

Least Favorite Exercise

Wall balls. I hate wall balls.

Favorite Benchmark WOD


Least Favorite Benchmark WOD

Karen. I hate wall balls.

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