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Athlete Spotlight: August 2017

Adam Reece

Athlete of the Month for August

A Little About Me

I am a project manager for Verizon over in Cary and have worked on/off out of that office since 1999. I have owned my own business and done customer service jobs as well as technical jobs. PM is the most rewarding thing I have done so far, and really is the best fit for my personality. Basically, I try to never meet a stranger and make everyone be my friend, if they will let me.

How I Found CrossFit

I started working out at the Y in 2015/16 and started going to a unscheduled class/group that did CrossFit like things. I found it to be a crazy challenge and interesting. It got real for me when Crystal Carlisle invited me to her gym at a town hall meeting we were both attending. It took me a long time to suck it up and come try it, but once I did, I was hooked.

Why I CrossFit

I made the decision to CrossFit because i could not run anymore on my knees and I wanted to do something to get stronger, in hopes to run again. It became my new obsession, much like running was for the short time I was able to do it. CrossFit is a sub-culture, much like motorcycling is a sub-culture, another one that I love. I like the fact that both are not for everyone and that I have found a place to fit in both. CrossFit is inclusive. For the time you are there together in a class you are family with that group. Everyone does the same thing, pass/fail/win/loose, together, and I love that about it. My dad told me when I was a child that there is always someone better than you, and always someone you are better than. The takeaway for me is be the best me that I can be, which is the essence of CrossFit.  Lastly, CrossFit, especially at Zeal, forces me to do things I do not want to do, nor would I if I were still solo in the gym. Each day I feel called to die to myself and cling to what Jesus wants for me, when I come to Zeal, I try to die to how I want to workout, and cling to the programming.

Favorite Exercise


Least Favorite Exercise

Pull-Ups–I feel I have so far to go before I satisfied with myself in pull-ups, it is just demoralizing.

Favorite Benchmark WOD

Scaled Elizabeth–plays to my “strengthsish”

Least Favorite Benchmark WOD

Have not done that many yet so not sure, probably the one with all the wall balls–sounds horrible.

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