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Athlete Spotlight: January 2016

Todd Meyn

Athlete of the Month for January

Why I CrossFit

I’ve always liked going to the gym and to be fit and healthy, but it gets pretty repetitive and I’m not always 100% sure I’m doing everything correctly.

When I joined CrossFit, I loved how the workouts were setup and that you always had someone pushing you and watching over you to make sure you were lifting correctly. 

I also love the vibe that you find in a CrossFit gym. Everybody is so welcoming and friendly.

Favorite Exercise

Body weight movements such as push ups, pull ups etc.

Least Favorite Exercise

Wall balls

Favorite Benchmark WOD

Anything that’s 21-15-9 complex

Least Favorite Benchmark WOD


More on Todd and his BMX awesomeness:


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