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Athlete Spotlight: January 2017

Michael Whitley

Athlete of the Month for January

How I Found CrossFit

After spending nearly 3 years of mornings with Tony Horton and Shaun T, a friend finally convinced me to try Crossfit Zeal.  I went through foundations, purchased a punch card to drop in from time to time and be able to work out with him – for socializing as much as anything. After using my punch card 5 times the first week, I quickly realized I could say goodbye to man aerobics and haven’t looked back.

Why I CrossFit

Where do I start: The variation, the programming, the open, the competition, the camaraderie I go to a Gold’s Gym sometimes when I’m out of town.  I saw a father and son working out together, both with headphones in, saying nothing to each other….

Favorite Exercise

Olympic Lifting

Least Favorite Exercise

Man makers 

Favorite Benchmark WOD

DT or Nasty Girls 

Least Favorite Benchmark WOD

Karen – Only because I have done that one the most.


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