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Athlete Spotlight: July 2016

Josh Tolles

Athlete of the Month for July

A Little About Me

*Disclaimer* Approximately half to all of Josh’s piece was written by former AOTM and his bride-to-be, Heather.  Okay, let’s be real…it was the whole thing.

The OG AOTM is my fiancee. Also, I grew up in Michigan but left to shred the gnar in ColoRADo for a few years after college before moving to NC to meet back up with my sister, Lee, who also works out at Zeal. Hi Lee! Shortly after moving to Raleigh I met Heather and all life decisions from that point in time have been made by her. I work at Crossroads Ford in Cary and have in turn converted many Zeal members to proud Ford SUV owners. (Just look around the parking lot at 6AM!)

All remaining free time is spent throwing the ball for Amos. He’s the number one subject in my pics (Dynamic Pixography) and this makes Heather jealous.

How I Found CrossFit

Heather joined Zeal first and was so obsessed I had to check it out. I was adamant about not abandoning my bicep curls at the Globo-gym but one bro sesh with Mike was all it took.

Why I CrossFit

Refer to the first section about life decisions. Just kidding. Working out with the guys at 6AM pushes me to work harder – Whit ensures that there’s always someone to chase!

Favorite Exercise

Bicep curls

Least Favorite Exercise


Favorite Benchmark WOD

Fran – It only takes around 3 minutes.

Least Favorite Benchmark WOD

Fran – A 3 minute workout requiring a 30 minute recovery!


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