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Athlete Spotlight: June 2015

Cindy Karabinos

Athlete of the Month for June

Why I CrossFit

Community! I think most of CFZ knows I’ve been crushing (HAAA) breast cancer over the last few months.  After my double mastectomy, I could not WAIT to come back to CFZ!!!  The first day I came back, I smiled sooo much – a super fun day seeing the coaches and my peeps!  Mike, Tom and Lauren have really helped me with modified exercises and, before my latest surgery at the end of April, I was actually able to do 30 pull-ups (w/ a blue band, but still happy!!  Woot-woot!  I never would’ve thought I could be back to pull-ups within 4 months of a double mastectomy.  Now, following my latest implant surgery (fun, fun), I’ve had to go back to square 1… but, it’s all good, because I know I can do it!  There’s no other way than forward! The CFZ Family rocks!  You guys make me strong!!!  I also love being fit and working out with friends!  I love feeling strong.  I feel like it’s a good thing for my kids to see me stay fit, too!

Favorite Exercise

Double Unders & Benching

Least Favorite Exercise

Snatch (ughhhh….)

Favorite Benchmark WOD


Least Favorite Benchmark WOD

KAREN – Seriously… I want to meet that Karen!  She’s sick!

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