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Athlete Spotlight: June 2017

Nick Baginski

Athlete of the Month for June

A Little About Me

I am a 31 year old father of a wild almost 2 year old son, Wyatt. I am about to marry my best friend Courtney 3 days after my 32nd birthday in September in her hometown of Charleston, SC. I think of myself as a little awkward at times but love to have fun and try, I say try, to make people laugh. I was born in PA but grew up in Kernersville, NC, yes you have passed through it on the way to Asheville.  I moved to Raleigh about 6 years ago love the area and people that I get to meet every day. After spending most of my adult life working in restaurants, I decided i needed something less stress and better hours so I became a salesman.

How I Found CrossFit

I started hearing about it back in 2009 when I was graduating from UNCG. After moving around to open a few restaurants, I looked at myself in the mirror and said something needed to change so I joined Planet Fitness with hopes of getting into shape. After about a year of just going through the motions, I overheard a bar regular of mine talking about CrossFit, so I quietly asked him what its all about. He explained but asked me to join him for a class. So I did and as I was laying on the floor wanting to die and ready to puke, I signed on the dotted line and have not looked back! That was April 2013!

Why I CrossFit

At first it was like everyone else to look better naked, and a better quality of life. Now it is so much more, I CrossFit for the friends that I have made, for my young son and Courtney. I want to be that dad that can hop out of my Jeep after a long day at work and go play with Wyatt, or just get into a foot race with him. I want to be around for all of his milestones throughout life and I don’t want my fitness level to hold me back. I want to be that fit old guy sitting on the front porch rocking chair with Courtney sipping an Arnold Palmer, talking about the old times. I also want to be able to take on life for as long as possible and I truly believe that CrossFit will allow me to do that. Especially with you have great owners, coaches, and the Zeal community!

Favorite Exercise

Double Unders – once you get them they are fun.

Least Favorite Exercise


Favorite Benchmark WOD

Annie or Grace.

Least Favorite Benchmark WOD

Fran or Karen. 

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