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Athlete Spotlight: March 2016

Brandon Dressen

Athlete of the Month for March

Why I CrossFit

I moved back in with my parents after a year in Orlando, FL in 2013 and had to have a way of getting out of the house.  The local gyms weren’t fitting my style after having a personal trainer at a “globo gym” while in Florida.  A friend from the area had started CrossFit after receiving her Level 1 Certification and had inspired me to try a new type of fitness than I had ever thought I could do.  I looked for local CrossFit Affiliates and found Zeal was the next street over from my workplace.  Zeal had already won in my mind by meeting this qualification, but it wasn’t until I emailed Coach Mike to participate in a CommunityWOD that I became hooked.  We did a workout with wall balls, running, and burpees that day (one movement I’d grow to love).  After that, the rest was history.

I began CrossFit with the goal of wanting to take my shirt off and feel comfortable in front of people when do so.  While I take off my shirt more than most in our gym I’m sure enjoy (I mean, I have beautiful tanned skin, why not show it off?), CrossFit has become much more than that.  This is my community.  I’ve made friends for years to come here and enjoy the friendly competition we have between each other.  We also encourage each other so much to be better in and outside the gym (beating each other on max weight lifts, sticking with our macros, etc).  My #varsity squad (self-named because we aspire to move up from “JV” in the CrossFit realm) has been the most recent example of that.  Ashwynn always keeps me on track without letting me slip and Thomas competes with and encourages me to lift as much as he does, if not more.  #varsity2016 is our year to make the biggest strides we have ever wanted and then some.  I cannot imagine life without CrossFit now and hope that one day I’ll be able to compete with the best of them.
Favorite Exercise

Cleans.  Every time I max out, it seems that I can always PR.  Who doesn’t love a good PR? And wall balls. I could wall ball all day.

Least Favorite Exercise

I’m tall.  What tall person doesn’t hate burpees?

Favorite Benchmark WOD

Grace or Isabel.  Oly lifting is my favorite day in the gym.

Least Favorite Benchmark WOD

Cindy.  The combination of these movements has never ended well for me.  Squatting without weight also feels like cheating (not looking down on those that do enjoy it though).

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