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Athlete Spotlight: May 2015

Heather “RayB” Rayborn

Athlete of the Month for May

Why I CrossFit

One sunny day in April 2011 Michael Kelley gave me a pass for a free month of CrossFit. At least that’s how I got started. That and the fact that Lauren Gregory did CrossFit. Back when I went to Globo Gym in Cary (yep, that same one that many of you came from) I used to watch this blonde girl doing CrossFit-type workouts while I ran 6 miles a day on the treadmill to maintain my skinny-fat physique. I always thought to myself, I wish I had a body like that. A few weeks later I was lucky enough to be Lauren’s roommate on a beach trip and on that trip I not only gained one of the greatest friends but access into the secret world of CrossFit. I swear this is about why I CrossFit and not why I love Lauren Gregory…

I CrossFit because it works. I tried to become a runner. I hired an overpaid personal trainer. I tried it all and the only workout regimen that has ever resulted in noticeable changes in my body, performance and overall health is CrossFit. I love the challenge to become better than yesterday and to set goals to become even better tomorrow. I love being able to track my progress through increased weights and faster times. I also love a little friendly competition with Ashwynn & Johanna (it only takes 1 rep or 1 pound to beat you). I hate planning my own workouts, need someone to push me to do things I don’t want to do, and occasionally need someone to give me attitude at 6am on a Monday morning or a cupcake on Friday (MK). Zeal offers me all of that and then some (nutritional advice, a social life, therapy).

Lastly, I CrossFit because it allows me excusable opportunities to yell at my wonderful, handsome boyfriend Josh 5 days a week. For example, “Get on the rower!” or “You’re not doing it right!” or “Don’t you read the board?!”

Favorite Exercise

Cleans: The perfect combination of squat + skill.

Least Favorite Exercise

Thrusters, I HATE Thrusters. Especially when they show up in Open workouts, which is ALWAYS. But surprisingly, I don’t really mind Fran.

Favorite Benchmark WOD

Grace or Isabel because they are short and both contain movements I can actually do!

Least Favorite Benchmark WOD

Karen. Both of the rendezvous I have had with her have been “crying in the fetal position” miserable. 

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