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Athlete Spotlight: May 2016

Chris Boyd

Athlete of the Month for May

Why I CrossFit

I’m 28 and an Electrical/Computer Engineer. I have 2 Daughters, age 4 and 1. I enjoy nerdy things and ice cream. And CrossFit. I dislike mowing the grass.

I didn’t really start working out until a few years ago, using a lunchtime routine at work gyms. Very convenient, but it’s easy to get too “routine” with this method and never really improve. I knew of Crossfit and even did Main Site workouts semi-frequently, when I had equipment available. I always had an interest but never pulled the trigger to check out a CrossFit gym. (Box, whatever who cares). Finally pulled the trigger last August and checked out Zeal and never looked back.

Because it works. I spent 3 years lifting the same weights and running the same distances, in the same time frames. In 9 months of CrossFit I’ve improved ALL of my barbell lifts by huge amounts. I’ve learned to breathe under duress and push myself more each week. The times I performed by best working out prior to CrossFit was when I had a workout partner or two. Doesn’t everybody say that? Somebody to go through the exercises with, compete with (even if in good fun or in your own head). That’s why CrossFit works. The community.. always having those to workout with. Someone by your side to show you how to improve and perfect your form. There is always someone better that you can try to emulate. And it’s all in a fun environment, not a stressful one. People are positive and encourage you to push, to finish, to always be better. I am 10 times fitter than I was a year ago, because it works. Instead of dreading and dragging myself to the gym because I know I ‘need’ to, it’s easily my favorite part of my day.

Favorite Exercise

Deadlift, Bench, HSPU

Least Favorite Exercise

Wall balls, KB swings, Double Unders

Favorite Benchmark WOD


Least Favorite Benchmark WOD

Karen, see “least favorite exercise”

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