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Athlete Spotlight: May 2017

Marian Morritt

Athlete of the Month for May

A Little About Me

I’m an almost 40 year old busy mom of two, melanoma warrior, occasional pet sitter and work in clinical research. I moved to the Raleigh area from New Jersey in 2007 with my husband and my daughter who was 2 at the time.

In 2011 my son was born and he had a congenital lung malformation. It was a bumpy pregnancy and start to his life. He had a lobe of lung removed at birth, had to be on ECMO which is essentially life support and had a 3 month hospital stay. He came home with a feeding tube and required a lot of care. During that process I sort of lost myself in terms of being active and being me. I was so focused on his health and his needs that I forgot about mine.

Up until that point I had always been active. I played softball and basketball starting in elementary school through high school. I don’t do well sitting still. I always have to be doing something. After school sports I kept active with walking, occasional running (no really), bike riding and “light” weights. That evolved to kickboxing classes and Body Pump which evolved to boxing, but I was bored and stagnant. I wanted something new, intense and fun. I knew I had to do strength training.

How I Found CrossFit

I first found CrossFit in 2011. I was driving my daughter to gymnastics and noticed that CrossFit Zeal was nearby. I made a mental note to myself then and there that I would join at some point. I followed the Facebook page for a while and loved all the strength work happening and then in 2013 after my youngest child was a little less needy of me, I worked up the courage and I went to a community WOD. As they say the rest is history!

Why I CrossFit

I CrossFit because it makes me feel amazing and empowered. It relieves stress. I love the welcoming and motivating atmosphere and community and there is always room to grow. I love the programming at Zeal. I love that it makes me stronger not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. It just works. I think everyone should try it once.

I do it because when I’m consistent I see the best results in the shortest period of time working out at Zeal.  All those years spinning my wheels and getting nowhere are over. Plus, it’s fun.

The coaches at Zeal know when to push you appropriately and when life gets in the way and your time at Zeal is less than consistent, they will motivate and encourage to come back. I’ve never done any activity for 3 years (I get bored easily) so this is a record for me.

Favorite Exercise

Deadlift. I like picking things up and putting them down. Heavy things.

Least Favorite Exercise

Running. Everyone knows this 🙂

Favorite Benchmark WOD

Anything with deadlifts (see above)

Least Favorite Benchmark WOD

Anything with running (see above)

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