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Athlete Spotlight: October 2015

Maggi Stone

Athlete of the Month for October

Why I CrossFit

Right now, I feel like the turtle in the fable the Tortoise and the Hare.  I have been at CrossFit Zeal for over three years. Stress, health issues, age, not having an ideal  “CrossFit body type” and being in my head too much has made progress slow.  BUT,  this past month I proved to myself that all the work I have been doing has made a difference.   I love knowing that for the first time in my life (46!!!!)  I can do things like push ups, pull ups, climb a rope, and run fast (if I have to).  I now know I can do many of the Benchmark WODS RX.

So here is a short list of why I Crossfit:

  1. So I can be strong- physically and mentally.
  2. So I can have an hour of the day that I just focus on myself with zero interruptions.
  3. Because I never loathe going to workout.
  4. Because I have met so many fun, interesting people who I wouldn’t have met otherwise . . . some who have become great friends.  Every one of them motivates me to be a better person inside and outside the gym.
  5. So I can say I clean, I jerk, and I have a nice snatch.
  6. So I can have personal training every day without the cost  and someone breathing down my neck for the entire time.
  7. Because every workout is different.
  8. Because it’s the best stress reliever.
  9. Because I make healthier choices in other areas of my life.
  10. Because the workouts and support from coaches and other members helped me lose over 20 pounds.
  11. Because my workouts are already planned for me- with the goal of increasing my strength and endurance.
  12. Because I have been inherited  Flat Ass Syndrome and “all the squats” are helping me fight this terrible affliction.
  13. Because it forces me to work on my weaknesses.
  14. Because the coaches really know each member, what motivates them, and how each person should scale a workout.
  15. So I can be able to sit on a toilet and get up without a handrail when I’m 80.
  16. Because I feel like a bad ass when I lift heavy weight.
  17. Because it is actually FUN!
Favorite Exercise

Split Jerk

Least Favorite Exercise

ANY movement that involves a squat .  . . Except Overhead Squats. They are kinda fun. Oh and Wall Balls. They are cool, too.

Favorite Benchmark WOD

Grace. Ask me again when I can string more pull-ups together.

Least Favorite Benchmark WOD

Karen. 150 of anything is stupid.

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