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Athlete Spotlight: October 2016

Bunny Blake

Athlete of the Month for October

A Little About Me

I’m a forty-something mother of three (one daughter and two fur babies!), proudly married to a LEO. I’ve worked in property management for 18 years and as an Asset Manager, I’m required to travel around the U.S. entirely too much. But, I get to eat lots of Chipotle during my travels. My friends would describe me as passionate: while family is of utmost importance, I’m also intensely passionate about Chipotle. Also tea. And especially tabata hollow rock.

How I Found CrossFit

Another member at Zeal told me I had to check it out and so one Saturday morning I did and haven’t left in almost 4 years!  I spent a lot of time running and doing cardio, and frankly was bored. In addition to wanting more on a fitness level, there was a Johanna-sized hole in my life, and I felt the universe telling me that I’d only fill that hole at Crossfit Zeal.

Why I CrossFit

While I love the awesome programming and accountability that Zeal (aka MK) provides, I’ve continued over the years for two main reasons. 1) Coffee. It may look like a “Starbucks club” that meets every M/W/F at 715, but it represents the friendships that I’ve built and people that make up the Crossfit Zeal community. 2) My daughter, Willow. I love that she sees her mom as a strong woman, and she desires to be strong as well. I want to continue to model a brave and capable woman, and to encourage her to try hard things. I caught her showing off her muscles to our dog this week!!

Favorite Exercise

Thrusters, burpees, & core (read: anything that requires an engine that everyone else hates)

Least Favorite Exercise

Snatches & HSPU (read: anything that requires coordination)

Favorite Benchmark WOD

Grace (as long as you let me push press!)

Least Favorite Benchmark WOD

Annie (double unders require WAY too much coordination)

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