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Do I need experience or some minimum level of fitness?

Nope! CrossFit is designed to be scalable to ANY fitness level. Whether you’re 16 or 65, just starting out, getting back in to exercise, or have a physical limitation, we can make it work. The ONLY thing you need is the desire to better yourself and improve your life. CrossFit is for everyone!

I have/had an injury. Is CrossFit still for me?

CrossFit has been utilized to rehabilitate many people from minor injuries and can be scaled to help those with more serious injuries. The “real world” doesn’t stop when you get hurt! Learning and understanding proper form and technique is the first stepping stone to a healthy and active lifestyle. As with ALL people starting a new exercise regimen (healthy or injured), we ask that you have approval from your physician first.

I’m a woman, will CrossFit make me bulky?

This is a common misconception that most women have about resistance training. Due to the fact that women do not naturally produce as much testosterone (one of the main hormones responsible for increasing muscle size) as males do, it is impossible for a woman to gain huge amounts of muscle mass by merely lifting weights.

What if I would prefer to just do one-on-one personal training for now?

Here at CFZ we are absolutely committed to helping you achieve your goals. If you’d prefer to work privately, please email us for a consultation. Prices will vary based on trainer.

I like your gym, but I can’t make it regularly. Do I have to pay the full membership price?

Yes and No. We ask that EVERYONE complete our Foundations course to understand and learn the proper movements and techniques associated with CrossFit.  Once this criteria is met, we do offer 10 and 20 visit punch cards. Again, this is only available to those who have completed Foundations.

CrossFit Zeal has a lot of cool equipment! Can I just come and work out on my own?

No. We believe in the class model for one simple reason. It works. You will get better and faster results by working out in a group under the supervision of our coaches. However, our members who have completed Foundations will have access to certain Open Gym times throughout the week.

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