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Daily Workout

Members: To see our programming, register an account on wodfollow and join our gym.

Not a member? Here’s the basic structure for our program, mixing powerlifting and CrossFit: 

Weekly Template:

  • Monday – Heavy Lower + WOD
  • Tuesday – Volume Upper + WOD
  • Wednesday – Weightlifting + WOD
  • Thursday – Interval or Endurance Work
  • Friday – Heavy Upper + WOD
  • Saturday – Volume Lower + WOD

You will see strength and accessory work, coupled with a WOD and finisher. Basic to intermediate Skills/Gymnastics work will be included occasionally in accessory or WOD segments, but can be scaled. Interested in following our programming? Check out our PowerWOD for $25/month.

Questions? Email mike@crossfitzeal.com


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